Les Vignes des Bacchantes

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Wine making is growing exponentially in Quebec, which now has more than 200 producers. Acquired in September 2012 by the Daoust family, the vineyard is established on the site of the former Brownlee estate. The estate, which covers 263 acres, includes a stone residence built 180 years ago and a few buildings. The choice of Hemmingford in southern Quebec to found a vineyard seems quite natural, since within a radius of a few kilometers, you will find half a dozen vineyards and cider houses. Finding this house which has nearly two hundred years of history, Sébastien Daoust knew he had found his domain. Vignes de Bacchantes visited many vineyards before establishing their own, with an already expressed desire to produce red and rosé whites. Seven years later, we are now talking about 40,000 vines, 9 grape varieties, 16 kilometers of drains and 40 kilometers of vines! The vines produce in particular Pinot noir, Seyval blanc, Marquette and Frontenac. His cellar focuses on two key philosophical elements: safety and efficiency. The House is constantly working on these two points in order to ensure the level of quality that its customers expect from its wines. The very first vintage, the “48” is a white released in 2016, which was followed in 2017 by a red “50”, and a rosé, the “22”, all of which received a warm welcome and entry notes. The Quebec wine industry has grown exponentially since its birth about thirty years ago, and around sixty sites are currently in operation by more than 200 vineyards, according to the Association des vignerons du Québec. For Sébastien Daoust, Vignes de Bacchantes winemaker, the adventure has definitely been launched: “I like knowing that what I produce allows people to have fun. To have a good time with friends and family. ”