The relative youth of this wonderful Chilean house has its roots in a much older tradition! Departing from St-Émilion Bordeaux in 1892, Emilio Bouchon was the first of his family to plant vines in the Colchagua Valley, but it was only 5 generations later that his descendant Mario Pablo Silva and his father decided to produce their wine under their own label. The other members of the family join them in founding in 1997 Viña Casa Silva, which has since become the most decorated wine house in Chile in the 21st century. The estate brings together 5 vineyards from the Colchagua Valley, where very different climates are influenced by the Andes Cordillera, as well as the Pacific Ocean. The success of the House is the combination of several of its important characteristics: modernization of equipment and winemaking techniques, choice to practice viticulture in accordance with a model of sustainability to preserve the environment and respect the community, but also the choice to cultivate several of the noble grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir and gris, Syrah and several others, allowing the production of wines of very high quality, but that this producer offers at affordable prices. Today, people choose their wine not only for its quality, but also for what the brand stands for. Casa Silva reflects family values, innovation, lifestyle and respect for nature. Because this desire to preserve the environment for future generations is fundamental at Viña Casa Silva, which asks its consumers to drink responsibly and to recycle bottles like other packaging materials.